Big Kid Bed Saved Me

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Let me look at you, you beautiful cushion of independence. Let me caress White Twin Platform Bed the springy foam shielded from the force of my 3-year-old’s powerful nocturnal urine stream by a rubberized layer of felt that does not diminish your status as a worthy place for a non-baby to rest his or her head. Pee-soaked, tear-stained, or permanently scarred by a pair of safety scissors that had gone missing for a whole winter, ...

My Daughters Big Kid Bed Saved Me

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I thought when we purchased you it would end the era of our Big Girl ending up in our Too Small (for three people) bed. I thought, after weeks of mounting excitement on getting This Very Important Piece of Furniture to mark her Very Significant Leap Towards Adulthood, my daughter would never want to leave the cozy confines of her big kid bed. But as soon as that mattress was delivered, and mounted on the platform ...

Fun little two-bedroom in NoHo asking $550K

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This little two-bedroom home in North Hollywood was built in 1940, however is freshly up to date with a new paint job, as well as new home windows and a new roof. accidents elements of the 822-square-foot apart from come with hardwood flooring, an open kitchen and living space divided by a breakfast bar, a step-down den, and a single made over bathroom with a double vanity.Read also Other articles:    White Metal Twin Bed ...

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