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Big Kid Bed Saved Me

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Big Kid Bed Saved Me Desember 2017

Let me look at you, you beautiful cushion of independence. Let me caress White Twin Platform Bed the springy foam shielded from the force of my 3-year-old’s powerful nocturnal urine stream by a rubberized layer of felt that does not diminish your status as a worthy place for a non-baby to rest his or her head. Pee-soaked, tear-stained, or permanently scarred by a pair of safety scissors that had gone missing for a whole winter, Bedroom let me you saved me when I needed it most, so please let me love you with literally my entire body. Best White Twin Platform Bed.

Yes, you`re the white knight in my parenting story, even though my big-kid-but-acts-like-a-little-kid won’t come near you. The White Twin Platform Bed

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