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My Daughters Big Kid Bed Saved Me

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My Daughters Big Kid Bed Saved Me Desember 2017

I thought when we purchased you it would end the era of our Big Girl ending up in our Too Small (for three people) bed. I thought, after weeks of mounting excitement on getting This Very Important Piece of Furniture to mark her Very Significant Leap Towards Adulthood, my daughter would never want to leave the cozy confines of her big kid bed.

But as soon as that mattress was delivered, and mounted on the platform base where she could store all her stuffed animals currently out of rotation, she pretended to forget every conversation we had ever had about her sleeping arrangements up to that point. She stared at you. She climbed on you gingerly, sat stiffly next to the pink pillow I had fluffed up for her, and registered no emotion. Was this not everything she had hoped for in a big kid bed? We even installed a guard rail, to assuage her fears, and ours, of rolling out mid-dream.

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